Better Navigation ~ Better Patient Care

Through consultation and customized training,
Mary Lou Robertson helps health professionals understand and navigate our complex system of health benefits in Canada.


From prescribers to reimbursement specialists, she provides the essential tools they need to easily manoeuvre through public and private health plan requirements and work collaboratively for seamless patient care. Mary Lou combines the latest industry research with input from a network of experienced colleagues to ensure every session is relevant for today’s busy practice settings.

Popular Topics

Screening for risk

Determining cost-related adherence risk early to reduce the incidence of non-compliance.

Determining Coverage

Understanding how prescription drug and health coverage works to save time and confusion.

Working Collaboratively

Identifying partners and building integrative approaches to benefit coordination.

Appeals and Advocacy

Knowing when to appeal coverage decisions and how to write an effective appeal letter.

“Mary Lou is a STAR! Dynamic, passionate, effective!”

Rob Rutledge, Radiation Oncologist

Co-Author, The Healing Circle

“It shouldn’t be this difficult!”

Physicians, pharmacists, and navigators have told me this again and again in trying to access high cost therapies and health products for their patients. They’re right. Ideally, a patient’s access to prescribed therapies in Canada should be timely and straightforward. But the reality is that our system is a complex web of insurers, patient support programs and government plans. It takes time and skill to navigate it.

Health care professionals aren’t taught how to navigate benefits. There are no national standards or guidelines for drug access navigators and resource specialists. There’s no guidebook to turn to when things go wrong. Too often, we hear stories of patients who can’t access a listed therapy because of red tape, miscommunication, or confusion.

No one should go without because someone simply didn’t know what to do.

Through consultation, speaking engagements, and customized training, I help health professionals and their allies understand and easily manoeuvre through health plan complexities. The result is more efficient care, increased collaboration between the private and public sector, and more timely access to treatments.


Mary Lou Robertson BA, BSW, RSW

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